Texas Marijuana Laws Can Change

When consumers enjoy marijuana responsibly, harsh civil or criminal penalties become unnecessary. In fact, it makes sense to define the responsible use of cannabis for reasons of public health, safety, and justice, and repeal the laws in Texas that criminalize its use under any circumstances.

Public Respect

All cannabis users should observe accepted standards of public propriety and courtesy, including respecting the preferences of those who desire to avoid marijuana products entirely. In that regard, the consumers' right to use the substance appropriately and responsibly should be respected as well.

Reasonable Standards

While there are some exceptions, most marijuana use is not harmful. Instead of focusing on eradicating abuse of the substance, the goal should be to establish and develop clear standards for creating and identifying strains of cannabis that do not impair personal health, achievement, or development.

Using Good Judgment

Responsible cannabis consumers must be vigilant as to the time and place for consumption. If the social circumstances and physical conditions are not conducive to a responsible, pleasant, and safe experience for everyone involved, the individual should not hesitate to refrain from consuming the product.

Decriminalizing Marijuana Use

Any criminal defense attorney will agree that responsible cannabis use means adhering to emerging smoking protocols in both private and public places. When it is enjoyed responsibly, there should be no legitimate reason to criminalize the use of marijuana and clog our Texas courtrooms and jails with unnecessary cases.